Get real-time feedback to make
quick improvements.

A simple app to help you find hidden insights in your organization, act quickly, and create lasting change.

“With viaPing, I knew more about the culture of my new company
than I ever did of my previous company.”

Beth Laking, VP of Customer Success

Gain insights you can’t get elsewhere

Discover comprehensive insights into all aspects of your org.

Save $$$$, create opportunities

You will find ways to save, and improve and strengthen your org.

Create a force for change

Participants see results, which lead to conversations & then buy-in & action.

Learn how this powerful app helps you discover hidden insights and create buy-in

Where can you receive insights?

Employee engagement

Company culture

Product/ service innovation

cation effectiveness

Trust in management, team

Policy/ procedure effectiveness

Regulatory or policy compliance

Better ways of working

Unforseen turnover causes

Pulse of decentralized employees

Learning / understanding gaps

Application of org goals

What makes viaPing so different?

When wanting to make improvements to their organization, most people only guess at where to start. viaPing helps companies quickly identify the areas that need the biggest improvements so employees will willingly adopt changes.

The best “where to improve” data comes directly from employees/members/students. They know what is going well, what isn’t, and how to improve operations, sales, culture – all aspects of the organization.  This is the data most companies lack.  If only you had access to what they really thought!

Interviewing employees to get this information takes more time and money than is feasible.  Surveys aren’t frequent, truthful, and in-depth enough.

viaPing will help you gather the information, spot trends, and create buy-in among the participants.  It also helps you communicate to all the participants every day in an unintrusive way.

“Almost every question creates conversation around the office about that day’s (Ping)…  They feel more in-touch with their coworkers… By using viaPing, employees who previously felt excluded now feel more part of the team.”

Tyfanie Wineriter & Kelsey Lunsmann
Employee Engagement Project Leads, University of Oregon

What is my investment?

How much does it cost you when you don’t get to a resolution quickly? What kind of resources are wasted because you didn’t know of inefficiencies?  How many are holding back great ideas for improvement?  How will you tackle a toxic culture? If you don’t know you have a problem until nine months later, how will you know to fix it? How much money and pain does it cost when employees don’t willingly adopt a solution or initiative?


all features included
up to 10 participants


per participant per month
Plus free monthly calls with a business consultant.

– Mobile app
– 200+ default or custom daily “Pings”
– Ping tagging, dashboard, analytics, and downloading data
– You define the send time, participant time zones, and metadata
– Participants give textual feedback & see aggregate results
– Support focused on your organizational goals

*Non-profits, and schools, and organizations with over 500 participants, contact us for more information.

As a new member of the executive team, all I had to do was to take a look at the previous employee feedback through viaPing and I knew more about the culture of this company than I ever did at my previous company.

Beth SE

Beth Laking
VP of Customer Success
SocialEdge Consulting

You will gain amazing insights.


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